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Sylvia Locke and the Three Bears (Tairy Fails Book 1) is out today April 30!

RED ALERT FOR FAIRY TALE LAND: Sylvia Locke is out and ready to cause mischief.

Once upon a time in Fairy Tale Land, there lived a very bad girl indeed. Sylvia Locke may have been abandoned by her adventuring parents but that’s no excuse for being mean to her loving grandparents, rude to everyone at school, and even bullying rare magical creatures. Right?

One day, when out on a break-and-enter job at the Bear family’s house, Sylvia happens upon a magical mirror that turns out to be more than she bargained for. Could even a kid like Sylvia find a friend? Could some warm and fuzzies change her heart?

The first book in Tairy Fails, a modern fractured fairy tale humor series that will have elementary school kids and early chapter book readers screaming with laughter.

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Introducing Book 3 in the Eudora Space Kid early reader chapter book series - Do the Robot! - which is available March 28, 2023.

What if you are friends with the coolest robot in AstroFleet… but you’ve broken him? Book 3 in the Eudora Space Kid series, Do the Robot! is a hilariously funny, early reader sci-fi chapter book perfect for elementary-aged kids.

It will be available as paperback and ebook, and you can preorder the ebook here:

"Do the Robot! is a hilarious space adventure..." -, 5 Stars

Eudora Space Kid Book 3 3D Image

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Big news! The paperback version of my second book, The Lobster Tale, is now available on Amazon! I hope you all enjoy! Freedom for lobsters!!!

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