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"The Great Engine Room Takeover is a must-read for children who aspire to leave their mark in the world in an unforgettable and brilliant way, indeed one which has the world speaking their name in awe for generations to come." - Reader's Favorite (5 Star Review)
"Eudora Space Kid: The Great Engine Room Takeover will indeed win an audience among inquisitive, inventive-minded youngsters who like to push boundaries and reach for the stars." - Chanticleer Book Reviews (5 Star Review)
"A fun-fueled tale of a young girl chasing down her dreams at light speed, this is an accessible and entertaining start to the series."  - Self-Publishing Review (4.5 Star Review)
"Horn’s fast-paced, space-themed drama will intrigue and entertain young readers." - Kirkus Reviews
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"...This book would be a great inspiration to younger kids and especially girls to become more interested in STEM..." - LitPick.com (5 Star Review)
"Eudora is fun, easy to relate to, and intelligent. As she tells her story, readers are invited to share in her curiosity, her passion for knowledge and STEM..." - The Children's Book Review
"Sure to excite young readers, the welcoming science fiction novel Eudora Space Kid explores the galaxy via an audacious girl." - Foreword Clarion Reviews (4 Star Review)
"...Will have readers of all ages in stitches..." - BookLife Reviews
"...the perfect ticket to outer space encounters and adventure..." - Midwest Book Review

The first in a new series of hilariously funny, early reader sci-fi chapter books perfect for elementary-aged kids. Meet Eudora Jenkins, the math and science whiz who lives in SPACE!

Eudora is a normal 3rd grader. A normal 3rd grader who lives on a 36 deck AstroLiner. In space. A normal girl adopted by what you might call… aliens. Whose mom is a dog-like species named a Pox and runs the onboard jail (brig) and whose dad is an octopus-like species from the planet Pow. A girl who has normal ambitions, like being the chief engineer on an AstroLiner.


A girl who comes up with a plan to prove her worth by improving her AstroLiner’s engines and breaking all known speed records. Will she succeed and earn a promotion? Or will she end up in the brig? Again...

Brilliant for engaging emergent and early chapter book readers. And with hilarious illustrations by Talitha Shipman

Book 2 - The Lobster Tale
Coming Soon!