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We're only weeks away from the release of my new book, The Lobster Tale, and I was able to get a data stream through the intergalactic time portal so I could show you the new awesome cover! Don't tell Arnold I showed you though, because he was a little nervous when we took this picture so he might be embarrassed. We'll pass by the time portal again one day soon so I can tell you the exact release date.

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Coming in early 2022! Book 2 in the Eudora Space Kid early reader sci-fi chapter book series: The Lobster Tale. Featuring the amazing art of Deven Hoover:

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  • Writer's pictureEudora

Hi! I just want to let all you ancient Earthlings know that my first book is scheduled to be released on August 15, 2021! Isn't that exciting? It will be available in paperback (we still like paper in the future!) and e-book! Please check back for links for purchasing. I could use the money for that new hoverbike.

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